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The truth of Living with a Frenchie

French Bulldogs are very common with dog owners, due to its soft and malleable character. However, before taking a French bulldog home, you need to know more about his character, the living conditions that the latter “imposes” and what it is care and his way of living.

The Bouledogue Francais is exclusively a companion dog. Despite his ferocious mastiff appearance, his character is very cheerful. He is full of life, and he is always ready to play. He loves children and is a tireless playmate for them, but it is also suitable for the elderly because he does not need to do a lot of exercise. When he is older, he remains playful and likes to “clown”, but he is also able to transform himself into a quiet, reserved and peaceful dog. He adores his master and needs to stay with him as much as possible. Occasionally, he may be a very vigilant guardian.

The French Bulldog is an ideal apartment dog because he is short-haired, has very little drool, is not barking very well and can adapt to circumstances (frantic game or absolute tranquility) with great intelligence and intuition. He is very sensitive to the moods of his master.

It is a sociable dog, but as with all breeds, the adoption of two males is to be avoided because their cohabitation is not always harmonious. It is a funny, intelligent, playful, alert, fairly sporty dog, very attached to humans, with a short coat requiring only limited maintenance. It adapts to city life as well as country life.

French Bulldogs has all the qualities required to be an excellent companion. On the other hand, its assertive nature means that it tends to become dominant very quickly, if rules and barriers are not imposed on it. The education method I recommend will bring you great results on the French Bulldog.

You will use this gentle technique to teach him obedience, respect, outings, cleanliness and you will also make him understand that he will sometimes be alone at home. So many obligations that will be put in place very early for better harmony between you and him!

All Bulldog lovers will tell you that it is not a dog; it is a mixture of dog, certainly, but of human, cat, and even of gremlin! Who does not have in mind this remark by Colette, humorously affirming “I have four dogs and a bulldog! “

Obviously, this exclusive love can make him jealous and possessive and it is up to the master to remain the leader so as not to become a slave to his whims. A good education from an early age is therefore essential; you have to be firm without excess and use a velvet glove in an iron hand.

Besides its characteristic appearance, its character is part of its inimitable charm. Its greatest quality is the attachment it dedicates to its master, but it requires more presence than long caresses or endless games.

The punishment must be immediate, never deferred and, of course, fair and measured. Orders must be brief. A simple raising of your tone followed by a very firm “no” is most often enough to obtain obedience. If the bulldog continues to challenge you, just take it by the skin of the neck and shake it very lightly.

Of course, the hand should only be used for caresses and, when it comes to admonishing it, it is better to use a dissuasive and safe object, such as a newspaper or fly swatter.

A little pat on the buttocks with one of these accessories will do the trick, then, the mere sight of this object will be enough to make him understand that it is in his interest to behave well!

The bulldog particularly likes children and he shares their games with a lot of enthusiasm, which sometimes forces him to brake so that he does not get excited and reach exhaustion. He knows, however, to be tender with very young children and sometimes even very protective; in the same way, it is also suitable for the elderly because it can also be calm and take naps in the sofas.

However, its powerful muscles remind that it is also a dog that has a great need for exercise and the short five-minute pee walk is very clearly insufficient for its physical development, even if it is a dog that doesn does not need large spaces like some other breeds. Walking is clearly preferable to jogging which is prohibited for the bulldog. Finally, we should add that he is a poor swimmer and that any presence of water in his environment represents a danger.

Finally, let’s underline that, if he adores human beings and has an unwavering loyalty to him, he is, on the other hand, much less sociable with his fellows. The cohabitation of several females, alone or with a male, provided that