Story of the truth

About Us

The Veritas Live website is designed to make world news easier for people to follow and understand.

Many people find the volume of world news articles overwhelming and the stories too long.

Additionally, the language in these articles can be difficult to interpret, and the content itself can be hard to understand without certain background knowledge.

Veritas Live solves these problems by:

  • Each story is roughly 700 words (about 4 minutes to read)
  • It’s written in plain english
  • Short backgrounds are provided where necessary to help with context
  • Links to articles with greater detail are included

And the benefits:

  • One quick story per day and you’ll have a better understanding of popular world topics
  • You’ll be informed on topics not always covered
  • Having broader knowledge helps with work and social chat
  • It’s interesting
  • Perspective helps us appreciate life

Veritas Live can become part of your daily internet routine.

So while you’re busy keeping up with your day-to-day activities – making money, sport, friends, entertainment – keep an eye on the world as well.